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Mother Jones

Mary (Mother) Jones


1901: Civilization in Southern Mills

The Autobiography of Mother Jones, 1925

First published: by Charles Kerr in 1925;
Source: http://www.angelfire.com/nj3/RonMBaseman/mojones.htm;
Proofed: and corrected by Hakan Erbil.

Chapter I – Early Years
Chapter II – The Haymarket Tragedy
Chapter III – A Strike in Virginia
Chapter IV – Wayland’s Appeal To Reason
Chapter V – Victory at Arnot
Chapter VI – War in West Virginia
Chapter VII – A Human Judge
Chapter VIII – Roosevelt Sent for John Mitchell
Chapter IX – Murder in West Virginia
Chapter X – The March of the Mill Children
Chapter XI – Those Mules Won’t Scab Today
Chapter XII – How the Women Mopped Up Coaldale
Chapter XIII – The Cripple Creek Strike
Chapter XIV – Child Labor
Chapter XV – Moyer, Haywood and Pettibone
Chapter XVI – The Mexican Revolution
Chapter XVII – How the Women Sang themselves Out of Jail
Chapter XVIII – Victory in West Virginia
Chapter XIX – Guards and Gunmen
Chapter XX – Governor Hunt
Chapter XXI – In Rockefeller’s Prisons
Chapter XXII – “You Don’t Need a Vote to Raise Hell”
Chapter XXIII – In a West Virginia Prison Camp
Chapter XXIV – The Steel Strike of 1919
Chapter XXV – Struggle and Lose: Struggle and Win
Chapter XXVI – Medieval West Virginia
Chapter XXVII – Progress in Spite of Leaders