Olive Schreiner's

Dream Life and Real Life

A Little African Story

First Published: 1892.
Transcribed: Sue Asscher for Project Gutenberg.
HTML Markup: Sally Ryan for marxists.org in 2000.


To My Brother Fred,

For whose little school magazine the first of these tiny stories--one of
the first I ever made--was written out many long years ago.

New College, Eastbourne,
Sept. 29, 1893.


I. Dream Life and Real Life; a Little African Story

II. The Woman's Rose.

III. "The Policy in Favour of Protection–".

Kopjes - In the karoo, are hillocks of stones, that rise up singly or in
clusters, here and there; presenting sometimes the fantastic appearance of
old ruined castles or giant graves, the work of human hands.
Kraal - A sheepfold.
Krantz - A precipice.
Sluit - A deep fissure, generally dry, in which the superfluous torrents of
water are carried from the karoo plains after thunderstorms.
Stoep - A porch.