Olive Schreiner's
The Story of an African Farm


Several Dutch and Colonial words occurring in this work, the subjoined Glossary is given, explaining the principal. Alle wereld! - Gosh! Aasvogels - Vultures. Benauwdheid - Indigestion. Brakje - A little cur of low degree. Bultong - Dried meat. Coop - Hide and Seek. Inspan - To harness. Kapje - A sun-bonnet. Karoo - The wide sandy plains in some parts of South Africa. Karoo-bushes - The bushes that take the place of grass on these plains. Kartel - The wooden-bed fastened in an ox-wagon. Kloof - A ravine. Kopje - A small hillock, or "little head." Kraal - The space surrounded by a stone wall or hedged with thorn branches, into which sheep or cattle are driven at night. Mealies - Indian corn. Meerkat - A small weazel-like animal. Meiboss - Preserved and dried apricots. Nachtmaal - The Lord's Supper. Oom - Uncle. Outspan - To unharness, or a place in the field where one unharnesses. Pap - Porridge. Predikant - Parson. Riem - Leather rope. Sarsarties - Food. Sleg - Bad. Sloot - A dry watercourse. Spook - To haunt, a ghost. Stamp-block - A wooden block, hollowed out, in which mealies are placed to be pounded before being cooked. Stoep - Porch. Tant or Tante - Aunt. Upsitting - In Boer courtship the man and girl are supposed to sit up together the whole night. Veld - Open country. Velschoen - Shoes of undressed leather. Vrijer - Available man.