Olive Schreiner's

Trooper Peter Halket of Mashonaland

First Published: 1897.
Transcribed: Sue Asscher for Project Gutenberg.
HTML Markup: Sally Ryan for marxists.org in 2000.

To a Great Good Man, Sir George Grey,

Once Governor of the Cape Colony, who, during his rule in South Africa, bound to himself the Dutchmen, Englishmen, and Natives he governed, by an uncorruptible justice and a broad humanity; and who is remembered among us today as representing the noblest attributes of an Imperial Rule.

"Our low life was the level's and the night's;
 He's for the morning."

Olive Schreiner.

19, Russell Road,
Kensington, W.,
February, 1897.


Chapter I.
Chapter II.

Aardvark - The great anteater.
Cape Smoke - A very inferior brandy made in Cape Colony.
Kopje - Little hillock.
Kraal - A Kaffir encampment.
Mealies - Maize (corn).
Riem - A thong of undressed leather universally used in South Africa.
Vatje of Old Dop - A little cask of Cape brandy.
Veld - Open Country.