The Rebel At large

Author's Note

"Do you know so much yourself that you call the slave or the dull-face ignorant?

"Do you suppose you have a right to a good sight, and he or she has no right to a sight? "Do you think matter has cohered together from its diffused float–and the soil is on the surface, and water runs, and vegetation sprouts

"For you only, and not for him or her?"

Author's Note

The first three stories in this little volume were published nearly two years ago in the organ of the Liberal University, since consolidated with the Liberal Review. The fourth was published in the Appeal to Reason. The rest have never appeared in print.

The worst criticism that has yet been given any of these stories is that of a young girl who has lead most of them, and who declares that some of them are "perfectly horrid." I admit the truth of this charge, and can only say in extenuation that the worst things I have described are true. For instance, in the sketch entitled "The Victims," the main outline is drawn directly from life. Most of the details were filled in from imagination; but there is nothing about it in the least overdrawn or exaggerated. If you object to any or all of the evils I have pictured, do something to change the conditions that are producing them.