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August Bebel


The Socialist Party is the only one that has made the full equality of women, their liberation from every form of dependence and oppression, an integral part of its program; not for reasons of propaganda, but from necessity.
For there can be no liberation of mankind without social independence and equality of the sexes.
[Woman and Socialism]




(originally written in 1879, the complete 1910 edition)

Society of the Future, from “Woman and Socialism”
From May Day in Germany (1895)
On Homosexuality and the Penal Code (1898)
Assassinations and Socialism (1898)
The Darwinian Theory and Socialism, from “The Social Democrat”
The Situation in Germany (1902)
Features of the Electoral Battle (1903)
Clericalism and the Socialist Attitude Thereto (1903)
Bebel’s Answer to Jaurès on "Political Tactics" (1904)
For Union and Unity (1905)
Socialism and Internationalism (1905)
Socialism and the General Strike in Germany (1905)  full text  |  edited version
Socialism and the Student (1905)
The Political Situation in Europe (1906)
England and Germany (1907)
A Justification of Our Position (Letter to “Justice,” September 1908)
An Explanation (Letter to “Justice,” September 1908)
Reminiscences (1911)


August Bebel became a Marxist under the influence of Wilhelm Liebknecht and led the South-German Workers’ Union to break with the liberals and form the German Social-Democratic Party.

In 1879 Bebel published his book Woman and Socialism, which was considered an important theoretical work that also helped gain interest in Marxist ideas in Germany. Bebel argues that the social emancipation of women is an integral part of transforming social relations and overthrowing capitalism. Woman and Socialism has had some 50 editions in many languages.

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