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Murray Bookchin


"To speak of 'limits to growth' under a capitalistic market economy is as meaningless as to speak of limits of warfare under a warrior society. The moral pieties, that are voiced today by many well-meaning environmentalists, are as naive as the moral pieties of multinationals are manipulative. Capitalism can no more be 'persuaded' to limit growth than a human being can be 'persuaded' to stop breathing. Attempts to 'green' capitalism, to make it 'ecological', are doomed by the very nature of the system as a system of endless growth." (Remaking Society)


1950 - State Capitalism in Russia

1969 - Listen, Marxist!
1970 - A Discussion on "Listen, Marxist!"
1971 - Preface to Ida Mett's The Kronstadt Uprising of 1921
1973 - A Post-Affluence Critique: A Reply
1994 - To Remember Spain


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