Hermann Duncker

Liberation from the Colonial Yoke

First Published: Undated manuscript first published in Hermann Duncker, Jeder Kann Alles Lernen, Fritz Heckert Gewerkschaftsschule, Bernau, 1961, p. 101.
Source: Hermann Duncker: Introduction to Marxism. Selected Speeches and Writings, VEB Edition Leipzig, Leipzig, 1963, 2. enl. ed., p. 65.
Online Version: Marxists Internet Archive 2021
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Under the colonial yoke, working people have a double load to bear.

1. The native property owners and rulers,

2. Foreign colonial rulers.

The colonial rulers must be got rid of first. They are brutal and plunder the country. They hold back the development of the country.

They try to divide the masses.

In the struggle against the colonialists the native property owners can and must be won over. But then the native yoke must be shaken off.