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Hermann Duncker

Hermann Duncker


Biography (marxist glossary entry)

What is Socialism?, 1909
Young People - Keep Cool!, 1911
The Marxist Doctrine of the State, 1922
Marx as Economic Scientist, 1923
Advice to Speakers, 1923
Ferdinand Lassalle's Centenary, 1925
Rosa Luxemburg: "Introduction to National Economy", 1925
Max Beer: "General History of Socialism and Social Struggles", 1925
Jacob Walcher: Ford or Marx?, 1925
The Thirtieth Anniversary of the Death of Frederick Engelss, 1925
Rosa Luxemburg: "Introduction to National Economy", 1926
N. Bukharin: "The Economic Theory of the Leisure Class", 1930
Introduction to the Study of Marxism, 1931
How Should One Read?, 1931
On the Unity of the Labor Movement, 1947
Against Antisemitism, 1947
Everyone Can Learn Everything, 1960
Conversation with Brother Diallo Seydou, 1960
Liberation from the Colonial Yoke (posthumous)
Advice to Teachers and Students (posthumous)
To the Students (posthumous)
To the Teachers (posthumous)


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