Hermann Duncker

Advice to Teachers and Students

First Published: Undated manuscript from the period 1949 to 1960, first published in German in Gedanken Hermann Dunckers zu Studium und Lehre, Verlag TribŁne, Berlin, 1964, p. 54.
Source: Hermann Duncker: Introduction to Marxism. Selected Speeches and Writings, VEB Edition Leipzig, Leipzig, 1963, 2. enl. ed., p. 48.
Online Version: Marxists Internet Archive 2021
Transcribed: Geoff
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1. Never use a word that you don't understand clearly!

2. Never use a sentence whose meaning is obscure to you!

3. Correct understanding of three things is more important than superficial acquaintance with a dozen.

4. Nothing can be clear to you unless you can make it clear to others.

5. Never regard an answer as absolutely wrong! Always recognize the good intention and learn to put the student on the right path.

6. Only if you put a precise question, you can expect a precise answer.