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1893 - 1957



Remembering James W. Ford (2023)

Biographical note from 1932 Communist Party, USA, election campaign literature

Biographical note from 1936 Communist Party, USA, election campaign literature



Books, Pamphlets, and Other Works:

World Problems of the Negro People (A refutation of George Padmore) (1934)

The Negroes in a Soviet America  (1935; co-authored with James S. Allen)

War in Africa. Italian Fascism Prepares to Enslave Ethiopia (1935; co-authored with Harry Gannes)

The Communists and the Struggle for Negro Liberation: Their Position on Problems of Africa, the West Indies, of War, of Ethiopian Independence, of the Struggle for Peace (1936)

Developing Negro Communist Leaders (June 1937)

The Negro and the Democratic Front (1938)

Win Progress for Harlem (1939)

Foreword to Negroes and the National War Effort, An Address by Frederick Douglass (1942)

Communists in the Fight for Negro Rights (1944)


Articles in The Communist:

The Negro and the Struggle Against Imperialism (January 1930, pages 22-34)

The Bankruptcy of Capitalism and Capitalist Education (September 1932, pages 831-842)

The United Front in the Field of Negro Work (February 1935, pages 158-174)

Development of Work in the Harlem Section (April 1935, pages 312-325; co-authored with Louis Sass)

The Negro Liberation Movement and the Farmer-Labor Party (December 1935, pages 1130-1141)

The Coming National Negro Congress (February 1936, pages 139-142; co-authored with A. W. Berry)

The National Negro Congress (April 1936, pages 316-326)

Political Highlights of the National Negro Congress (May 1936, pages 457-464)

Build the National Negro Congress Movement (June 1936, pages 552-561)

Uniting the Negro People in the People's Front (August 1937, pages 725-734)

Scottsboro in the Light of Building the Negro People's Front (September 1937, pages 838-847; co-authored with Anna Damon)

Building the People's Front in Harlem  (February 1938, pages 158-168; co-authored with George E. Blake)

Rally the Negro Masses for the Democratic Front! (March 1938, pages 266-271)

Forging the Negro People's Sector of the Democratic Front (July 1938, pages 615-623)

Bring the New Deal to Puerto Rico (July 1939, pages 634-640)

The Struggle for the Building of the Modern Liberation Movement of the Negro People (September 1939, pages 817-828)

Earl Browder - Leader of the Oppressed (June 1941, pages 529-535)

The Negro People and the New World Situation (August 1941, pages 696-704)

Mobilize Negro Manpower for Victory (January 1943, pages 38-46)

The Negro People Unite for Victory (July 1943, pages 642-647)

Teheran and the Negro People (March 1944, pages 260-266)


Articles in Daily Worker:

Communism and the Negro (28 April 1932)

A Vote for Hoover, Roosevelt or Thomas Like Saying “Yes We Like Starvation and Scottsboros!”
James W. Ford Declares Communists Fight Every Day for All Toilers, Negro and White
(7 November 1932)

Unions Back Negro Congress Despite Opposing Groups (7 February 1936)


Articles in The Negro Worker:

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