Frank Glass


The bibliography below comes from the excellent biography of him, The Restless Revolutionary, by Baruch Hirson, IBSN 0-9523648-67, published 2004, Porcupine Press, £12.99.

Articles by Frank Glass:

In Shanghai, Glass worked for the following English-language daily newspapers: the American-owned Shanghai Evening Post and Mercury, the Chinese-owned China Press and the British-owned Shanghai Times. He was assistant editor of the American-owned China Weekly Review, published by the American J.B. Powell. He was also a popular commentator for the American-owned XMHA radio station. In the USA, he edited Laging Una from 1950 to 1973.

In the Prometheus Collection: Minutes of a meeting of the Provisional Committee, Communist League of China, 3 December 1935; The War in the Far East and the Revolutionary Perspective, January 1938 and a report dated 16 March 1939.

As Frank Glass:

Letter to Militant, 29 March 1930.

The War Lords go “Left”, New Masses, 16 January 1931.


As ‘A South African’:

What I Saw in the Shanghai War, Sunday Times, 22 May 1932.


As Li Fu-jen [Li Furen]:

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As John Liang:

Our China Policy: An Open Letter to all members of the SWP, 14 October 1962.

The Party’s Incorrect Attitude towards the Assassination of President Kennedy, 8 December 1963.

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As John Liang and with Arne Swabeck:

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Published under the name of Myra Weiss:

Vigilante Terror in Fontana: The Tragic Story of O’Day N. Short and his Family.


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