William D. Haywood


Shots for the Workshop

(April 1911)


Source: From International Socialist Review, Vol. 11 No. 10, April 1911, p. 588.
Transcription: Matthew Siegfried.
HTML mark-up: Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists Internet Archive (2019).
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Poverty has nothing to arbitrate.

The capitalist has no heart. But harpoon him in the pocket-book and you will draw blood.

The manager’s brains are under the workman’s cap.

The bandage will remain upon the eyes of Justice just as long as the Capitalist has the cut, shuffle and deal.

Industrialism is socialism with its working clothes on.

One union of all workers in an industry; all industries in one union.

There can be no trade agreements between capitalist masters and wage slaves. If you would be industrially free, refuse to sign agreements that enslave you.

If you bore from WITHIN long enough you will come OUT.

Some workingmen are so proud of the dignity of Labor that they wear overalls all the time for fear they will be mistaken for Capitalists.

The Capitalist Class starve which they cannot profitably Labor employ.

Would the Working Class be justified in destroying what they cannot peaceably enjoy?

Twelve hours is a bad habit. Eight-Hour habit. Get it now.

We are going to turn this government from a political junkshop into an industrial workshop.

The Supreme Court of the United States is the Gibraltar of Capitalism.

To the Working Class there is no foreigner but the Capitalist.

The prosperity of a labor organization is measured by its activity.

Activity for improved conditions of employment or against the lowering of existing standards of living means that the membership is in arms against the exploiters.

Action against exploitation requires agitation, publicity, strikes, boycotts, political force – all the elements and expressions of discontent. Discontent is life. It impels to action. Contentment means stagnation and death.

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