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Bill Haywood

1869 – 1928




June 1910: Solidarity in Prison

August 1910: With the Copper Miners of Michigan

1911: Industrial Socialism (with Frank Bohn)

February 1911: Pick and Shovel Pointers

April 1911: Shots for the Workshop

May 1911: The General Strike

July 1911: Pick and Shovel Pointers

August 1911: “Reasonable” Crime

November 1911: Pages Torn from “The Class Struggle” and Other Haywood Lectures

December 1911: A Detective

1912: Speech on the Case of Ettor and Giovannitti

January 1912: The Strike of the Scavengers

May 1912: When the Kiddies Came Home

August 1912: Timber Workers and Timber Wolves

September 1912: The Fighting I.W.W.

October 1912: Resolution Against War

October 1914: The Battle of Butte

November 1916: Organize – Organize Right!

1917: The General Strike

November 1917: Inside

1918: Evidence and Cross Examination of William D. Haywood in the Case of the U.S.A. vs. Wm. D. Haywood, et al.

1919: Introduction to A.E. Woodruff's Evolution of American Agriculture

November 1919: Lynching of Wesley Everest at Centralia, Washington

1920: With Drops of Blood...

February 1920: A Message from One Big Union

April 1922: Political Prisoners in the United States


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