William D. Haywood


A Message from One Big Union

(February 1920)


Source: From One Big Union Monthly, Vol. 2 No. 2, February 1920, p. 56.
Transcription: Matthew Siegfried.
HTML mark-up: Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists Internet Archive (2019).
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You, O Men of Africa, Greeting!
Greeting to you who are on the high seas.
You who have been exiled.
You who are on strike.
You who are fighting only as noble men can fight.
You who are ready to sacrifice your lives for the cause you love.
You who have been beaten.
You who have been imprisoned.
You who are separated from your loved ones.
You who grieve for your comrades who have been murdered.

You, O Men of Ireland and the Empire, Greeting!
You who have had your homes invaded.
You who have been maltreated.
You who have been deserted in your hour of need.
You who have been duped by priests and politicians.
You who have been clubbed.
You who have been denied the right to organize.
You who have been bereaved by death.
You who have been evicted from miserable homes.
You who have been robbed of your heritage.

You, O Men of Europe, Greeting!
Slavs, Latins, Orientals, Teutons and Norsemen.
You who have been pitted against each other like beasts in bloody war.
You whose comrades have been massacred.
You who are conscripts of a monarch’s army.
You who are denied voice in a nation‘s council.
You who give the themes of discourse and art.
You who build palaces and temples and live in hovels.
You whom churches and kings would use as puppets.
You who have been lashed with scorn.
You whose voices cannot be silenced with threat of bullet or gallows.

You O Men of the Americas, Greeting!
You of the East, the West, the North, the South.
You who have been driven to take up arms against your oppressors.
You who have been hunted like wild animals.
You who have been blacklisted.
You who have lost your loved ones in disaster.
You who have been crippled.
You who have had your women violated.
You who are living under martial laws.
You who have been bullied and browbeaten.
You who have been deported.
You who have been in bull pens.
You who have been robbed of every civil and constitutional right.

You, all Men and Women and Children of Labor,
Greet each the other.
You who are white, black, brown, red or yellow of skin.
You who have been denied the sunlight of life.
You who have been denied knowledge.
You who have been denied love.
You who have never known independence.
You who are wage slaves in the mart.
You whose drops of blood turn the wheels of all industries.
You who fill the warehouses and granaries of the world.
You who made all invention possible.
You who feed, and clothe, and shelter, and succor the peoples of the world.
You who have had the resources of the earth and
the machinery of production within your grasp.
You who are compelled to die of starvation amidst plenty.
You can start and stop every wheel.
You must rise in revolt against the inhuman master’s control.
You must strip the rich of all power, save the strength to work.
You must feel that an injury to the least is an injury to all of your class.
You must know as individuals you cannot avoid
the iniquities and tortures you have suffered.

You, O Men and Women and Children of Labor,
you can end forever the wrongs your class has endured.
You have but to think within yourselves.
You have but to act within yourselves.
You have but to act within your class.
You must organize as you work together.
Think, Organize, Act Together.
Industrial Freedom Will Come to All.

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