Claudia Jones


Claudia JonesWorks:

Discussion Article on the Draft Resolution (Political Affairs, August 1945, p. 717-720)
On the Right to Self-Determination for the Negro People in the Black Belt (Political Affairs, January 1946, p. 67-77)
For New Approaches to Our Work among Women (Political Affairs, August 1948, p. 738-743)
An End to the Neglect of the Problems of the Negro Woman! (Political Affairs, June 1949, p. 51-67)
International Women's Day and the Struggle for Peace (Political Affairs, March 1950, p. 32-45)
For the Unity of Women in the Cause of Peace! (Political Affairs, February 1951, p. 151-168)
Foster's Political and Theoretical Guidance to Our Work among Women (Political Affairs, March 1951, p. 68-78)
The Struggle for Peace in the United States (Political Affairs, February 1952, p. 1-20)
Statement in Court (in 13 Communists Speak to the Court, 1953, p. 19-26)
Ben Davis — Fighter for Freedom (National Committee to Defend Negro Leadership, 1954)
Claudia Jones Discusses The Tobacco Habit (Daily Worker, January 10, 1954)
Claudia Jones Tells Dreary Round of Life in Prison (Daily Worker, February 5, 1956)
Claudia Jones Writes About Her Father (Daily Worker, June 26, 1956)
Clamor Grows in Britain: Let Robeson Sing Again! (Daily Worker, July 8, 1956)
American Imperialism and the British West Indies (Political Affairs, April 1958, p. 9-18)
The Caribbean Community in Britain (Freedomways, Summer 1964, p. 341-357) (available on JSTOR)

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