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Sen Katayama

Sen Katayama






1908: “Socialism in Japan”, letter to Hyndman

1913: Chinese Refugees in Japan

1914: The Japanese Manifesto

1914: The War and the Japanese

1918: The Labor Movement in Japan

1919: Japan and Soviet Russia

1921: Present-Day Japan

1921: Japan and the Washington Conference

1922: The First Congress of Communist and Revolutionary Organizations of the Far East

1922: The Four Power Pact and the Far Eastern Situation

1922: Japan and the Coming Imperialist War

1922: Japan and Genoa

1922: An Appeal to the Proletariat of the World!

1922: To the Soldiers of the Japanese Army in Siberia (Another version]

1922: Japan’s Position in the Coming World Social Revolution

1922: The Kato Government and its Policy towards Soviet Russia

1922: Politics in Japan

1922: Economic Condition of Japan

1922: Foreign Policy of Japan

1922: Report and Resolution on the Egyptian S.P.

1922: Discussion on the Report of the Executive

1922: Report on the Eastern Question (Discussion)

1923: Speech at Session of Enlarged Executive of C.I.

1924: The Eta Movement: A Strong Revolutionary Factor in the Coming Struggle for Proletarian Emancipation in Japan

1924: The Communist International & the Far East

1925: Against British Capitalism in Egypt, Eastern Bureau of the Comitern


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