Eastern Bureau of the Comitern

Against British Capitalism in Egypt

Source: Daily Worker January 12, 1925
Publisher: Workers (Communist) Party of America
Transcription/HTML: Brian Reid
Proofreader: David Tate
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The far eastern bureau of the Comintern calls upon workers and farmers of all countries to protest against the British government’s ultimatum to Egypt. The following is the appeal issued by the bureau:

Fellow Workers:—The conservative government of Great Britain renewed its activity by a murderous attack against Egypt. Using the assassination of General Lee Stack as a pretext, the British conservative government has taken a decisive step towards the destruction of even that pseudo “independence” which Egypt was presumed to have. As compensation for the assassination of the general, the British government imposed on Egypt a fine of 500,000 and demanded the severe punishment of those guilty of the assassination.

The British government has compelled the government of Egypt to withdraw the Egyptian troops from the Sudan.

Still Boss of Egypt

Taking advantage of this assassination the conservative government managed to get its own way, namely to leave the management of the internal and economic life of Egypt, as before in the hands of the British financial and legal advisers. Thus the British imperialists will continue to control the internal and economic life of Egypt, and will establish its rule of violence in that oppressed land.

In order to instill into the minds of the Sudan population respect for British bayonets, several officers and soldiers of the Egyptian and Sudan have been hanged and shot by British generals. This plan of action was devised by Ramsay MacDonald who mentioned it in his letter to General Allenby in October last. The British plunderers’ desire to utilize the assassination of General Lee Stack as a pretext for carrying out their predatory plans in Egypt and the Sudan

To compel Egypt to accept its truculent and cynical demands the British government is shaking its mailed fist in the face of that defenceless country.

From all sides, from Malta, Gibraltar and Cyprus, British cruisers and gunboats are hastening to the shore of Egypt. British military units are being despatched to Egypt itself. The British air fleet is hovering over the doomed country like a horde of vultures, seeking, victims for their bombs.

Final preparations are being made to seize Egypt by the throat and compel her to consent to allow herself to be plundered.

Meanwhile the leaders of the Egyptian bourgeoisie together with the landlords are shamefully capitulating to the imperialist bandits.

In spite of these traitors the revolutionary national movement will grow and become stronger until the chains of imperialist oppression are completely broken.


Ward off the criminal hand of your aristocrats from Egypt! Rectify the terrible crime committed against the Egyptian people by the government of Ramsay MacDonald. Confound the piratical plans of the Baldwin-Curzon and Chamberlin government. Compel your leaders to come out actively in defense for the independence of Egypt. Fight against the predatory ultimatum! Form a united front with the Egyptian workers and peasants!


Do not despair. Keep a brave heart. The advanced workers of all countries are coming to your aid. Expose the shameful conduct of the Egyptian government. UNITE AROUND YOUR COMMUNIST PARTY. Demand the release of the imprisoned communists. Demand a determined and irreconcilable struggle against British imperialism for the complete and real independence of Egypt.


Raise your voices in protest against the British government’s ultimatum. Compel the colonial pirates to restrain their appetite. Demonstrate your solidarity with the oppressed peoples of the east.

Down with the colonial pirates!

Long live the fight for the independence of Egypt!

Long live the fighting unity of the toilers of the World!

For the Eastern Bureau of Comintern,

Sen Katayama,