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Otto Ville Kuusinen





1919: The Finnish Revolution (pamphlet)

August 1921: A Butcher State

July 1922: The Englarged Executive Committee on the Norwegian Party (with G. Zinoviev, N. Bukharin & B. Smeral)

November 1922: The Avant-guard

January 1923: Report and Resolution of the Danish Commission

January 1923: Circular addressed by the Comintern to its affiliated Sections

January 1923: Declaration regarding the alleged “Section of the Comintern” in Memel

June 1923: The Enlarged Executive

March 1923: To Comrades Cachin, Monmousseou, Treint, Semard, Jacob et al. (International Press Correspondence, on behalf of the ECCI, with Trotzky, Radek, Bukharin et al.)

1924: Under the Leadership of Russia

May 1925: A Misleading Description of the “German October”

1944: Finland Unmasked

August 1951: A Warmongers’ International


1919: Portrait


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