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Published: First Published in 1925 in Lenin Miscellany III. Sent from Munich to Zurich. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1971, Moscow, Volume 36, page 57.
Translated: Andrew Rothstein
Transcription\Markup: R. Cymbala
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November 26, 1900

Dear P. B.,

I have just received a letter from our mutual friend, who tells us that everything has been arranged. At last the business will go forward “steadily”! He begs you to send (me), as quickly as possible, the Nusperli passport[1] (or Husperli? It is not clear, but you must know what is meant).[2]

Tomorrow, November 27, he begins the setting, and consequently we may hope that in two weeks’ time (or a little more) everything will be quite ready. It is therefore very important to have all the material available within a week, including your foreign chronicle. I hope that this date will not cause you to break off anything, for I suppose most of it has been done. V. I. is writing to G. V. today, asking him to hurry up the person who is writing about the Paris congress.[3] It is, of course, quite possible to make references to his article (if you do make any) even before the article arrives.

Wishes of all the best and of good health.


P.S. I am this very day sending Dietz the manuscript (by G. V.).[4] I hope there, too, things will go ahead decisively. High time!


[1] He writes: “I will send it back as soon as I arrive here.”—Lenin

[2] A reference to I. S. Blumenfeld, then an Iskra compositor in Leipzig.

Preparations for publishing Iskra and Zarya abroad were assigned to A. N. Potresov, who went abroad for that purpose in April 1900. With the assistance of German Social-Democrats, the setting of Iskra was arranged in German Social-Democratic printing presses first in Leipzig and then in Munich. Zarya was published legally in Stuttgart by Dietz.

Blumenfeld apparently needed the Nusperli passport for registration in Leipzig.

[3] The article, “The International Socialist Congress in Paris”, by Kh. G. Rakovsky, was published in Iskra No. 1 in December 1900.

[4] A reference to one of G. V. Plekhanov’s articles which appeared in Zarya No. 1 in April 1901.

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