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Published: First published in 1929 in the journal Proletarskaya Revolyutsiya No. 11. Sent from Munich to Podolsk. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1977, Moscow, Volume 37, pages 329-330.
Translated: The Late George H. Hanna
Transcription\Markup: D. Moros
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June 7, 1901

Mother dearest,

I have received your letter of May 10 and newspapers from Mitya. Many thanks for the letter and the papers. I would ask Mitya in future to send any interesting issues of Russian newspapers that he can get hold of; there is no library here and I seldom see anything but Russkiye Vedomosti....

Anyuta is now in Berlin and has already written to me that she has received the royalties that were sent her, and that in general she receives your letters more quickly than before.

I am very glad that you like your summer place and can spend a lot of time in the open air. From what Anyuta said I had imagined your new place to be much too flimsy and cold. What is it like there when it rains?

It is sad there is no change in the affairs of Mark and Manyasha. Just before Anyuta left I wrote letters to them containing a lot of stuff about how to spend one’s time in prison. I don’t know whether the letters got there and actually reached them.

We have fixed our apartment up very nicely here. Rents are cheaper here than in such (relatively) big towns in Russia; we furnished the place with second-hand things we bought cheap, and Yelizaveta Vasilyevna and Nadya manage the housekeeping themselves without any particular trouble—housekeeping here is much easier. The place is a good one, too—on the outskirts; there is water near us   and a park with lots of greenery. There are good connections with the centre, thanks to the electric trams.

A few days ago I received 250 rubles from my publisher and the financial side of things is now not bad. In general, I am fixed up here comfortably in all respects and have only one wish—for our two to be released as soon as possible, so that you will not have to remain almost alone.

Y.V. and Nadya are well and send their best regards to you and all our people. Nadya intends to write soon.

Many kisses for you, my dear, and I wish you very good health.

V. Ul.


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