V. I.   Lenin

Second Party Congress

Plan of Article[1]

Written: Written at the end of September-beginning of October 1903
Published: First published in 1927 in Lenin Miscellany VI. Published according to the manuscript.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, publisher??, pubdate??, Moscow, Volume 7, pages 57-58.
Translated: Fineberg Abraham
Transcription\Markup: R. Cymbala and D. Walters
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Long awaited.

Why slow? (Socialist-Revolutionaries and Social- Democrats. Really mass movement. Philistinism and politics.)

Chief task of Congress: to give formal shape.

1 (A) Programme. Its significance. End of “nomad” period.[2] Bulwark in fight against liberals, Socialist- Revolutionaries, etc.

Guide in propaganda.

Guide in agitation.

2 (B) Organisational Rules. Their significance. Centralism. Local autonomy. (2 central bodies.) Comradely attitude towards leaders. Personal and political relations. Working out interpretation and methods of applying the Rules.

3 (C) Resolutions.
liberals (two)
trade union struggle
Party literature
1. liberals
2. liberals
3. Socialist-Revolutionaries
4. Party literature
5. demonstrations
6. trade union struggle
} important
7. shop stewards
8. 1904 Congress
9. Kishinev pogrom
10. sects
11. students
12. behaviour under interrogation
} not important

- 4 - (D) Withdrawal of Bund. Better openly. Tactics: explain harmfulness of isolation. (The Bundists’ nationalism and organisational scurrilities.)

- 5 - Minutes.


[1] No article of Lenin’s written according to this plan has been discov ered. The last paragraph of the plan, relating to the Bund, is expanded in the article “Maximum Brazenness and Minimum Logic” (pp. 59-65 of this volume).

[2] “End of ’nomad’ period"—the end of the ideological and organisational disunity among the Social-Democratic organisations.

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