V. I.   Lenin



Written: Written December 20, 1904
Published: First published in 1930. Sent from Geneva. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1974, Moscow, Volume 34, page 281.
Translated: Clemens Dutt
Transcription\Markup: D. Moros
Public Domain: Lenin Internet Archive (2005). You may freely copy, distribute, display and perform this work; as well as make derivative and commercial works. Please credit “Marxists Internet Archive” as your source.README

Dear Comrades,

I have received your letter concerning Borba Proletariata. [2] I shall do my best to write and shall tell my editorial comrades about it too. I am heavily occupied at present with work for the new organ. A detailed letter on this matter has already been sent to you. [1] Let us have your reply as soon as possible and please send more, more and still more, workers’ letters. The success of the organ depends now on you in particular, for the beginning is especially difficult.

N. Lenin


[1]A Letter to the Comrades (With Reference to the Forthcoming Publication of the Organ of the Party Majority)” (see present edition, Vol. 7).—Ed.

[2] Borba Proletariata (Struggle of the Proletariat)—an illegal Bolshevik newspaper, organ of the Caucasian Union of the R.S.D.L.P., founded by decision of the First Congress of the Caucasian Union of the R.S.D.L.P. Published from April–May 1903 to October 1905; 12 numbers were issued. The newspaper was published in three languages—Georgian, Armenian and Russian. The editors maintained close contact with Lenin and the Bolshevik centre abroad.

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