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To Zemlyachka from Lenin, private

Published: First published in 1926. Sent from Geneva to Russia. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1974, Moscow, Volume 34, pages 283-284.
Translated: Clemens Dutt
Transcription\Markup: D. Moros
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December 26, 1904

Dear friend,

I have received your authorisation. In a day or two I shall be writing for the press on your business. [1] I recently received also the minutes of the Northern Conference. [3] Hurrah! You have done a splendid job and you (together with Papasha, Mouse and others) are to be congratulated on a huge success. A conference like that is a very difficult thing under Russian conditions; apparently, it has been a great success. Its significance is tremendous; it fits in most appropriately with our announcement of our news paper (Vperyod). The announcement has already been is sued. The first number will come out at the beginning of January, new style. The task now is: 1) To issue in Russia as quickly as possible a printed leaflet about the Bureau of the Majority Committees. For heaven’s sake, don’t put this off even for a week. It is devilishly important.

2) Once again to make a round of the committees of the south (and Volga), stressing the importance of giving every support to Vperyod.

Transportation will be taken care of, so long as we have Papasha. Let him take energetic steps for passing on his heritage in case of arrest.

Get Rakhmetov away quickly from dangerous areas and send him to destination. Be quick!

When we have money, we shall send a lot of people.

We are publishing an article in Vperyod No. 1, about the St. Petersburg disgrace (the Minority’s disruption of the demonstration).[2]

Hurry up with the public announcement about the Bureau, and be sure to list all the thirteen committees.[4]Hurry, hurry and again hurry! We shall then have the money.


My best regards to all friends.


[1]Statement and Documents on the Break of the Central Institutions with the Party” (see present edition, Vol. 7).—Ed.

[2] The article referred to is: “Time to Call a Halt!”, published Vperyod present edition, Vol. 8).—Ed.

[3] The Northern Regional Conference (six committees: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Tver, Riga, Northern and Nizhni-Novgorod) was hold in December 1904 ^^(see Note 249)^^.

[4] This refers to the committees, at the conferences of which the Bureau of the Majority Committees was elected.

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