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Published: First published in 1930 in the journal Proletarskaya Revolyutsiya No. 1

. Sent from Paris to Moscow. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1977, Moscow, Volume 37, page 406.
Translated: The Late George H. Hanna
Transcription\Markup: D. Moros
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February 6, 1909

Dear Anyuta,

Yesterday I sent you a letter in which I said I had completely given up all hope of seeing the proofs and this morning the first of them arrived! I am sending you a list of misprints (in general there are not many) in case you need it; it would be interesting to know whether it will reach you quickly and be in time. I would rather not send the proofs themselves.

KonjieKnHH instead of KOJiJieKijHio (page 15, line 8 from the bottom of the manuscript; page 5, line 1 from the top of the galley).

IlpeflnonojKeHHeM instead of npeAnoJiojKeHHH (page 22, lines 3-4 from the bottom of the manuscript; page 7, lines 3-4 from the top of the galley).

TejiecHHe instead of ie Jiecmje (page 28, lines 6-7 from the top of the manuscript; page 9, line 3 from the top of the galley).

OMOIJHH instead of 9jiion,HH (page 36, lines 3-4 from the bottom of the manuscript; page 10, line 2 from the bottom of the galley).[1]

That is all.

All the best, kiss Mother.

V. U.

Regards from all. Manyasha and I are just leaving for the theatre to see a Russian play. They are doing Andreyev’s Days of Our Life.


[1] All the misprints here listed were corrected before the book was published.

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