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Published: First published in 1930 in Lenin Miscellany XIII. Sent to Berlin. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, [1977], Moscow, Volume 43, pages 287-288a.
Translated: Martin Parker and Bernard Isaacs
Transcription\Markup: R. Cymbala
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5/V. 12

Werte Genossin,

I do not know whether you have heard the sad news about our mutual friend who introduced me to you in Berlin—Suren Spandaryan. He has been arrested in Baku. His wife has written to his father that there is nobody to help him; she says he has nothing, not even bedding. Nobody to take him milk, etc. The father told me that he has many acquaintances in Baku and that be had written to one of them. Why only to one, I do not know.

Spandaryan’s father lives here (Hotel Nicole, 19. Rue Pierre Nicole, 19. Paris). He looks very sick and old. His son bad promised to do his best to send money to him from Baku—but couldn’t do it because of the arrest. The father is now penniless and is threatened with eviction. His situation is most grievous, I would say desperate.

We helped him with a small loan. But I nevertheless decided to write to you. You probably know some of Spandaryan’s friends and acquaintances in Baku and Paris. His father has on more than one occasion forgotten to address letters he has mailed. Because of this I am very much afraid that his letters will not reach Baku. Do you know anybody in Baku whom one could write to about Suren and ask to take care of him?

Furthermore, if you have mutual friends, it would be very necessary to take care of the father as well. I have heard it said that he has a rich son in Yekaterinodar. It would be a good thing if you were to write and impress on him that he should send enough money to enable the old man to pay his debts and leave from here.

I hope you will do whatever you can for both Spandaryans and drop me a line about it.

How are you getting on? I have been hoping to hear from you. Have you managed to look into Social-Democratic   literature? Have you become a Social-Democrat and a Bolshevik?

I wish you everything of the best


Vl. Oulianoff.
4. Rue Marie Rose. Paris. XIV.


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