V. I.   Lenin

Cadets and Nationalists

Published: Pravda No. 151, October 24, 1912. Signed: V. I.. Published according to the Pravda text.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, [1975], Moscow, Volume 18, pages 370-371.
Translated: Stepan Apresyan
Transcription\Markup: R. Cymbala
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When we pointed out that the Cadets were essentially national-liberals in their outlook and that their approach to the national question was anything but democratic, we got an angry and haughty retort from Rech, which accused us of not knowing the facts or misrepresenting them.

Here is a record—one of many. Let the readers and voters judge for themselves.

On October 18 a “circle of persons interested in the Slav question” held a second meeting at Mr. M.M. Kovalevsky’s. An appeal to society was read, signed by Y. Anichkov. Kareyev, L. Panteleyev (Cadet ex-candidate), G. Falbork, Mr. Kovalevsky (of course) and others.

Will Rech try to dodge responsibility for Kareyev, Panteleyev and Co.?

The gist of the liberals’ appeal to society is that

amidst general enthusiasm, the hearts of the Russians... are beating in sympathy for the Slavs and with the hope that Russian national consciousness will help to ensure that they retain the fruits of their victories”.

In what way does this differ from the nationalism and chauvinism of Novoye Vremya and Co.? Only in that it has white gloves on and that the turns of speech used in it are more diplomatically cautious. But chauvinism is abominable even when wearing white gloves and using the most refined turns of speech.

Democrats will never speak of “general enthusiasm” when beside (and above!) them are Russian nationalists ruthlessly oppressing a number of peoples.

Democrats will never stand for the Slav as such being contrasted with the Turk, whereas one should contrast the   Slav and Turkish peasants, together, with the Slav and Turkish landlords and bashi-bazouks.

Democrats will never allow “Russian national consciousness” to be substituted for the political consciousness of the partisans of freedom and enemies of oppression in all nationalities—at a time when Poles, Jews, and “non-Russians” in general are oppressed and persecuted.

No fair-minded democrat, no sincere supporter of, the oppressed nationalities, should vote for the Cadets!


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