V. I.   Lenin

The Successes of the American Workers

Published: Pravda No. 120, September 18, 1912. Signed M. N.. Published according to the Pravda text.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, [1975], Moscow, Volume 18, pages 335-336.
Translated: Stepan Apresyan
Transcription\Markup: R. Cymbala
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The latest issue of the American labour weekly, Appeal to Reason, received in Europe reports that its circulation has increased to 984,000 copies. The letters and demands coming in—writes the editor (No. 875, September 7, new style)—indicate beyond doubt that we shall exceed one million copies in the next few weeks.

This figure—a million copies of a socialist weekly which American courts harass and persecute shamelessly and which is growing and gaining strength under the fire of persecution—-shows more clearly than long arguments the kind of revolution that is approaching in America.

Not long ago the sycophantic Novoye Vremya, a mouth piece of venal hacks, wrote about the “power of money” in America, relating with malicious joy the facts about the monstrous venality of Taft, Roosevelt, Wilson and, indeed, all Presidential candidates put up by the bourgeois parties. Here is a free, democratic republic for you, hissed the venal Russian newspaper.

The class-conscious workers will reply to that calmly and proudly: we have no illusions about the significance of broad democracy. No democracy in the world can eliminate the class struggle and the omnipotence of money. It is not this that makes democracy important and useful. The importance of democracy is that it makes the class struggle broad, open and conscious. And this is not a conjecture or a wish, but a fact.

At a time when the membership of the German Social-Democratic Party has grown to 970,000 and when the circulation of an American socialist daily has climbed to 984,000 copies, anyone who has eyes to see must acknowledge that a proletarian is powerless when alone but that millions of proletarians are all-powerful.


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