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Written: Written after June 4, 1913
Published: First published in 1960 in the journal Voprosy Istorii KPSS No. 5. Sent from Poronin to Brussels. Printed from the original. Translated from the French.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, [1977], Moscow, Volume 43, pages 345b-346a.
Translated: Martin Parker and Bernard Isaacs
Transcription\Markup: R. Cymbala
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Dear Comrade Huysmans,

For some time now Muranov has been treasurer of the Social-Democratic group in the Fourth Duma. He publishes accounts of the moneys received by the group in the Social-Democratic newspapers of St. Petersburg. According to the newspapers the Russian workers, since the beginning of the general strike in Belgium, have been making collections “for the Belgian workers”.[3] For instance, Nos. 101, 102, 109 and 116 of Pravda publish accounts over the signature of Muranov, who has received about 500 rubles for the Belgian workers collected among Russian workers all over Russia. I have no doubt that the 800+700 francs received by you were donated by the Russian workers for the Belgian workers. I shall write to Muranov, and if these sums are of a different designation (which is most unlikely) I shall let you know.

[Variant of the letter[1]  ]

Most likely the 1,500 francs referred to were collected by the Russian workers for the Belgian workers. Such collections have been made since the beginning of the general strike in Belgium. The lists are published in our Social-   Democratic newspapers over the signature of Muranov, who is at present treasurer of the Social-Democratic group in the Fourth Duma. I shall write to Muranov and ask him to clear up this point.

[Record of donations for the Belgian workers[2] ] Collections for the Belgians. 1,500 frs.=about 600 rubles. Pravda No. 116 36.30 5.80 }} 42.10 No. 109 24.60 18 1.60 16.45 53.24 1.40 7.25 6.30 8.15 }} 136.99 No. 102 132.16 (Sat. 4.V.1913) No. 101 159.83 }} 291.99 _ _ _ _ 471.08


[1] The text printed below was written in the margin of the letter.—Ed.

[2] This is written in Russian on the back of the letter.—Ed.

[3] The general strike In Belgium began on April 14 (N. S.), 1913, and lasted till the 24th. Pravda regularly reported the progress of the strike and published information on donations made by Russian workers for the benefit of the strikers. For further details about this strike see Lenin’s article “Lessons of the Belgian Strike” (present edition, Vol. 36, pp. 234–35).

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