V. I.   Lenin


To:   I. F. POPOV

Written: Written in July, prior to 10th, 1914
Published: Published in full in 1964 in Collected Works, Fifth (Russian) Ed., Vol. 48. First published in part in 1959 in Voprosy Istorii KPSS No. 5. Sent from Poronin to Brussels. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, [1977], Moscow, Volume 43, page 415b.
Translated: Martin Parker and Bernard Isaacs
Transcription\Markup: R. Cymbala
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Take good care of all the documents which you will receive from Paris, St. Petersburg and elsewhere for your work at the conference, and then return them to me with care.

If St. Petersburg sends you Stoikaya Mysl[1] No. 18 and bourgeois newspapers for 4.IV and 5.IV. 1914, these should be added as material to the C.C. report (on the question of the liquidators’ attitude to the demonstration of 4.1V[2]). The report is being sent to Inessa.

Your and Vladimirsky’s chief duty (Inessa is the French speaker) is to write down as accurately as possible every thing that goes on, especially the speeches of the Germans, and especially of Kautsky—and send in a report on this to the C.C.

Demand a translation of everything into French and do not accept the German language (in this sense).


[1] Stoikaya Mysl (Staunch Thought)—one of the names under which the Left-Narodnik (Socialist-Revolutionary) newspaper Trudovoi Golos (Voice of Labour) was published. It appeared in St. Petersburg in 1914 three times a week.

[2] On the appeal of the St. Petersburg Committee of the R.S.D.L.P. a demonstration was held in the city on April 4 (17), 1914, in response to the lockout by the St. Petersburg mill owners. The demonstration was timed to coincide with the second anniversary of the Lena shootings. On that day Put Pravdy published as an editorial Lenin’s article “Forms of the Working-Class Movement (The Lockout and Marxist Tactics)” (see present edition, Vol. 20, pp. 209–12). In the Report of the C.C. of the R.S.D.L.P. to the Brussels Conference Lenin devoted a good deal of space to describing the significance of this demonstration and exposing the activities of the liquidators (ibid., pp. 509–12).

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