V. I.   Lenin

Editorial Comment on Ocksen Lola’s “Appeal to the Ukrainian Workers”[1]

Published: Trudovaya Pravda No. 28, June 29, 1914. Published according to the text in Trudovaya Pravda.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1972, Moscow, Volume 20, page 494.
Translated: Bernard Isaacs and The Late Joe Fineberg
Transcription\Markup: R. Cymbala
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We have much pleasure in publishing the appeal of our comrade, a Ukrainian Marxist, to the Ukrainian, class-conscious workers. Unity irrespective of nation. This call is particularly urgent in Russia at the present time. The petty-bourgeois intellectuals of Dzvin, the workers’ evil counsellors, are trying as hard as they can to drive a wedge between the Ukrainian and the Great-Russian Social-Democratic workers. Dzvin is serving the cause of the nationalist petty bourgeoisie.

We shall, however, serve the cause of the international workers: we shall rally, unite and merge the workers of all nations for united and joint activities.

Long live the close fraternal alliance of the workers of the Ukrainian, Great-Russian and all other nations of Russia!


[1]Appeal to the Ukrainian Workers”, in the Ukrainian language signed by Ocksen Lola, and published in the newspaper Trudovaya Pravda No. 28 for June 29, 1914, called upon the workers to unite irrespective of nation in order to fight capital and to arrange for the publication under the auspices of Trudovaya Pravda of a “Ukrainian Workers’ Leaflet”.

The “Appeal” was drafted by Lenin in Russian in the spring of 1914 and forwarded to 0. N. Lola through Inessa Armand. The “Appeal” was intended for the Miners’ Leaflet—a supplement to the newspaper Put Pravdy. Lenin considered it important for the “Appeal” to be issued by Lola in Ukrainian in order, that a voice be raised precisely among the Ukrainian Social-Democrats calling for unity against the division of the workers by nation. The “Ukrainian Workers’ Leaflet” was not published.

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