V. I.   Lenin

New Data on the Laws Governing the Development of Capitalism in Agriculture

PART ONE—Capitalism and Agriculture in the United States of America[1]

Published: First published 1917 as a separate pamphlet by the Zhizn i Znaniye Publishers. Published in 1915. Published according to the manuscript.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, UNKNOWN, [19xx], Moscow, Volume 22, pages 13-102.
Transcription\Markup: D. Walters
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1. General Characteristic of the Three Main Sections. The Homestead West  19
2. The Industrial North  22
3. The Former Slave-Owning South  24
4. Average Size of Farms, “Disintegration of Capitalism” in the South  27
5. The Capitalist Nature of Agriculture  32
6. Areas of the Most Intensive Agriculture  37
7. Machinery and Hired Labour in Agriculture  43
8. Displacement of Small by Big Enterprises. Quantity of Improved Land  48
9. Continued. Statistics on the Value of Farms  55
10. Defects of Conventional Methods of Economic Analysis. Marx on the Peculiarities Of Agriculture  58
11. A More Exact Comparison of Small and Large Enterprises  64
12. Different Types of Enterprises in Agriculture  72
13. How the Displacement of Small-Scale by Large-Scale Production in Agriculture is Minimised  78
14. The Expropriation of the Small Farmers  85
15. A Comparative Picture of Evolution in Industry and Agriculture  92
16. Summary and Conclusions  100



[1] Written in 1915. In early 1916, Lenin, while in Berne, sent the manuscript to Maxim Gorky for the Parus Publishers, but it did not appear at that time. It was published in Petrograd in 1917 by Zhisn i Znaniye. The material for the book–variants of the plan and statistical extracts from the U.S. Census reports for 1900 and 1910–was published in Lenin Miscellany XIX in 1932. Lenin did not realize his intention of writing the second part of the book, which was to have dealt with Germany.

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