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Written: Written in August 1918
Published: First published in 1964 in Collected Works, Fifth (Russian) Ed., Vol. 49. Sent from Flums to Hertenstein. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, [1977], Moscow, Volume 43, pages 568b-569a.
Translated: Martin Parker and Bernard Isaacs
Transcription\Markup: R. Cymbala
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There is no conflict: you are imagining too much, really. Recollect (or reread) my letter: I did not state that I was voting against your article, I only wrote: “write and tell me candidly” what you think of such-and-such a plan.[1] You wrote.

And that’s all.

So the article is going in.

Yuri will “reconcile” us still more, I believe,[2] as it is precisely his conclusion that “in the epoch of imperialism” there can be no “defence of the fatherland”.

In fact, “in an imperialist war, engendered by the epoch of imperialism, defence of the fatherland is a deception”.

These are “two great differences”.

Best regards,

P.S. Isn’t it time we sent a joint letter to N. I. B. about the faction? I think it is. And about his article?

I am for issuing the C.O. I agree!


[1] See Document 514 in this volume.—Ed.

[2] Lenin’s ironical comment stresses the error of and certain uniformity in the wordings of Pyatakov’s and Zinoviev’s articles concerning “defence” of the fatherland (see Sbornik Sotsial-Demokrata No. 2, December 1916, p. 27).

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