V. I.   Lenin

For the Conference to Be Held on April 24, 1916


Written: Written in German between January 23 and 26 (February 5 and 8), 1916
Published: Published in Russian for the first time in the 4th Russian edition of Lenin’s Collected Works. Published on February 29, 1916 in Bulletin Internationale Sozialistische Kommission zu Bern No. 3. Translated from the German. Published according to the manuscript.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, UNKNOWN, [19xx], Moscow, Volume 22, page 122.
Transcription\Markup: D. Walters
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1. Only representatives of political or trade union organisations or individuals supporting the decisions of the Zimmerwald Conference shall be allowed to attend.

2. From countries where official parties or trade union organisations are affiliated with the I.S.C., only representatives appointed by these organisations shall be allowed to attend.

3. From countries where official parties or trade union organisations are not affiliated with the I.S.C., representatives shall be allowed to attend only from organisations and groups which:

(a) in the given country campaign orally or in writing in the spirit of the Zimmerwald decisions;

(b) support the I.S.C. by their activities.

4. Individuals shall be admitted only as an exception and only with voice but no vote.

5. Final decisions in disputes over the validity of credentials shall be made, after hearing the motives and taking account of the circumstances, by a 9-man commission elected by the conference, which shall include 4 members of the I.S.C.

6. The conference shall establish the voting procedure. [Amendment, not to be punished; entered in the minutes:

Comrades who were present at Zimmerwald have the right (“le droit”–in the French text) to participate in the second conference with a voice but no vote.]



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