Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

The Military Programme of the Proletarian Revolution

Written: Written in September 1916
Published: First published in the magazine Jugend-Internationale Nos. 9 and 10, September and October 1917. First published in Russian in 1929 in the second and third editions of Lenin’s Collected Works, Vol. XIX. Translated from the German. Signed: N. Lenin. Published according to the magazine text.
Source: Lenin’Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1964, Moscow, Volume 23, pp. 77-87.
Translated: M. S. Levin, The Late Joe Fineberg and Others
Transcription: Zodiac
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The “Military Programme of the Proletarian Revolution” (in a letter Lenin refers to it as an article “On Disarmament”) was written in German and meant for publication in the Swiss, Swedish and Norwegian Left Social-Democratic press. However, it was not published at the time. Lenin somewhat re-edited it for publication in Russian. The article “The ‘Disarmament’ Slogan” appeared in Sbornik Sotsial-Demokrata No. 2, Decmeber 1916 (see pp. 94–104 of this volume).

The original, German text appeared in Jugend-Internationale, organ of the International League of Socialist Youth Organisations, Nos.9 and 10, September and October 1917, under the heading “Das Militärprogramm der proletarischen Revolution”. The article was reprinted with this editorial forward: “In our day, when Lenin is one of the most spoken-of leaders of the Russian revolution, the following article by this veteran revolutionary stalwart, in which he sets out a large part of his political programm, is of especial interest. We received it shortly before his departure from Zurich in April 1917.” The heading was apparently given by the editors of Jugend-Internationale.

Jugend-Internationale (The Youth International)—Organ of the International League of Socialist Youth Organizations, which was associated with the Zimmerwald Left. It was published from September 1915 to May 1918 in Zurich.




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