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Trade Union Leaders

TheDaily Telegraph, October 7, 1915.

“Afterhearing addresses by the Prime Minister and Earl Kitchener, and holding lengthy conferences on the subject of recruiting, the chosen leaders of Labour have issued a strongly-worded appeal for men, in which it is stated that ‘if the voluntary principle is to be vindicated, at least 30,000 recruits per week must be raised’.

“Mr.C. W. Bowerman, M.P., Secretary of the Trades Union Congress Parliamentary Committee, handed a representative of The Daily Telegraph a copy of the appeal yesterday afternoon. It reads as follows:


The Crisis

An Appeal to Free Men

N.B.|| “Fellow countrymen.... At no time in the history of our nation has it been faced with a crisis of such gravity as the one which now exists.... Aggression [of Germany, etc... (the aim)]: secure such a victory as will free the world from the fear of that military tyranny which Germany would impose upon it....” An appeal to enlist in the army. For the sake of what?... “Not only because by so doing they will be defending their own interests, but also because their action will preserve the vital interests of the nation”....

“Weknow that defeat or an inconclusive peace would mean for us not only the loss of prestige as a nation and the certainty that the conflict would be renewed in a few years’ time, but the loss of those personal liberties and privileges which have taken centuries of effort to win”....

N.B. || H. Gosling } Trade Union Congress Par-
liamentary Committee.
C. W. Bowerman
J. O’Grady } General Federation of Trade Unions.
W. A. Appleton
G. J. Wardle } Labour Party Executive.
W. S. Sanders

Ibidem,October 9, 1915 (Saturday). In addition to mass meetings (x x) there is to be

N.B. || “the conference that is to take place on Monday (October 11, 1915) between the Earl of Derby, the new Director of Recruiting, and the signatories to the important Labour manifesto, published on Thursday (October 7, 1915) last.” “This conference, halls gratis || to which the Labour representatives have been invited by his lordship, will be held at No. 12, Downing Street”....

[DITTO:halls gratis || ] (x x)... “that halls have already been placed at the disposal of the Executive [= of the three signatory organisations], free of expense, for the purpose of holding the mass meetings”.... ))

Besidesmass meetings, tours of propagandists, “workshop meetings”, “dinner-hour gatherings”, etc., are being organised.

...therewill be made available “a copious amount of propagandist literature, mainly in the form of hand-bills, for distribution at the various meetings”... etc. || N.B.

Ibidem,October 15, 1915. A eulogistic review of Ellis Powell, The Evolution of the Money Market (10s. 6d.), London, 1915 (Financial News). N.B. on finance capital



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