V. I.   Lenin

Prosecute Rodzyanko and Junkovsky for Concealing an Agent Provocateur!

Published: First published in Pravda No. 84, June 30 (17), 1917. Published according to the Pravda text.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1977, Moscow, Volume 25, page 103.
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The findings of the committee of inquiry into the case of the agent provocateur Malinovsky indicate that the following fact has been established:

Both Junkovsky and Rodzyanko knew, not later than May 7, 1914, that Malinovsky was an agent provocateur.[1]

Neither of the two leaders warned the political parties in the Duma, primarily the Bolsheviks, of the agent provocateur operating in their midst!!

Isn’t that a crime?

How can Junkovsky and Rodzyanko be tolerated after that among honest citizens?

Let all political parties think it over, and let them voice their opinion!


[1] Junkovsky, tsarist Deputy Minister of the Interior, was informed in 1914 that Malinovsky, Deputy to the Fourth Duma, was an agent provocateur. He conveyed the information to Rodzyanko, Chairman of the Fourth Duma, who pledged his “honour” that he would not divulge the secret. The two decided to remove Malinovsky from the Duma, doing it, however, in such a way as “not to expose either the Duma or the Ministers to scandal”. Malinovsky resigned as Deputy and left Russia with the aid of the police. He was exposed in 1917, on the strength of evidence derived from the Police Department archives. In 1918 he was tried by decision of the Soviet Government and was shot under the sentence of the Revolutionary Tribunal.

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