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Published: First published (in facsimile) on November 24, 1929, in Pravda No. 274. Sent to Perm. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1975, Moscow, Volume 44, pages 346c-347a.
Translated: Clemens Dutt
Transcription\Markup: R. Cymbala
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26. II. 1920

Comrades Lobova
Y. Yaroslavsky
and if they are not in Perm, then to other
members of the Perm Gubernia Committee of the R.C.P.
The bearers, Comrades
Fyodor Samsonovich Sannikov,
Grigory Ivanovich Mikhalev,
Platon Pavlovich Moskalyov, came to me from Kalinin, 

They are non-Party people, but create an impression of remarkable conscientiousness.

They are requesting re-registration and checking of the members of the Uyezd Party Committee (they are from Perm Gubernia, Usolye Uyezd, Polovodovo Volost) on the plea that there are many of the worst elements in the local Party.

Will you please fulfil their request.

Let me know the results of the check-up.

Give me the names of those members of the Uyezd Party Committee (in Usolye and in the volosts of Usolye Uyezd) who are personally known to you and are absolutely reliable.

With communist greetings,
V. Ulyanov (Lenin)


[1] Regarding this letter, Yaroslavsky wrote subsequently: “It was addressed to three comrades who were then members of the Perm Gubernia Committee. At that time the situation in Usolye was rather grave. Shortly before this, a new front—the Kai-Cherdyn Front—had been formed there. Remnants of Kolchak’s forces and northern interventionists had organised bands in Cherdyn, where they had used the connections of the recently abolished Kolchak regime and exploited the dissatisfaction caused by the stupid bungling of some of the local Party officials who had antagonised the Zyryan people as well. As far as I remember, the Perm Gubernia Committee, on receiving Lenin’s letter, sent a man to Usolye to ascertain the state of affairs on the spot, after which a commission was set up which reviewed the composition of the leading bodies and changed it at a specially convened Party conference.” = (Pravda No. 274, November 24, 1929.)

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