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Written: Written on March 24, 1920
Published: First published in 1965 in Collected Works, Fifth Ed., Vol. 51. Printed from the handwritten copy.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1975, Moscow, Volume 44, page 360c.
Translated: Clemens Dutt
Transcription\Markup: R. Cymbala
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Comrade Stalin
Copy to Comrade Rakovsky

In view of the fact that 13 delegates from each trend were elected at the congress, that 105 delegates took no part in the elections to the Central Committee and 8  abstained, the Politbureau of the C.C., R.C.P. has resolved, as a way out of the abnormal situation, to set up a temporary bureau of two representatives each from the old C.C. and the new. Comrade Shumsky, a former Borotbist, to be appointed the fifth member of the bureau.[1]

On behalf of the Politbureau,


[1] This refers to the elections to the C.C., C.P.(B.) of the Ukraine at the Fourth Conference of the C.P.(B.)U. held in Kharkov from March 17 to 23, 1920.

The work of the conference was marked by a bitter struggle of the Leninists against an oppositional group of Democratic Centralists headed by T. Sapronov, V. Boguslavsky, Y.  Drobnis, M. Farbman (Rafail) and others. During the elections to the Central Committee of the C.P.(B.)U. the Democratic Centralists succeeded by factional devices (voting by lists, etc.) in getting a majority of their supporters into the Central Committee and in sending their delegates to the Ninth Congress of the R.C.P.(B.).

105 conference delegates who upheld the Leninist line refused to take part in the elections to the C.C. of the C.P.(B.)U. and denounced them as non-valid. Since the Central Committee elected by the conference did not reflect the will of the majority of the Ukrainian Communists, the C.C., R.C.P.(B.) decided it should be dissolved and replaced by a provisional C.C. of the C.P.(B.)U. consisting of V. P. Zatonsky, F. Y. Ron, S. V. Kosior, D. Z. Manuilsky, G. I. Petrovsky, F. A. Sergeyev (Artyom), V. Y. Chubar, and others. In order to explain the measures taken to suppress the factional activity of the Democratic Centralists in the Ukraine, the C.C., R.C.P.(B.) on April 16, 1920, published an open letter addressed to all Party organisations in the Ukraine. This letter was approved by all the Party organisations of the Republic. To strengthen the Ukrainian Party organisations, the C.C., R.C.P.(B.) put a large group of experienced Party workers at the disposal of the C.C., C.P.(B.)U. In May 1920 alone, 674  Communists were sent to the Ukraine. By a decision of the C.C., R.C.P.(B.) of April 5, 1920, a re-registration of members of the Communist Party of the Ukraine was carried out.

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