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Written: Written on November 12, 1920
Published: First published in 1945 in Lenin Miscellany XXXV. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1976, Moscow, Volume 45, page 49b.
Translated: Yuri Sdobnikov
Transcription\Markup: R. Cymbala
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Comrade Kalinin:

I am sending you the draft resolutions on the Siberian concessions which have been passed by the committee (these drafts will be submitted to the Council of People’s Commissars for approval possibly next week[1]). One other question, namely, that of food concessions, has still to be worked out in sufficient detail.

Will you press forward with this matter on the lines we discussed today.




[1] The Siberian Concessions Committee was set up by a C.P.C. decision of October 30, 1920, and on November 16 it submitted its   draft decree to the C.P.C. The latter appointed an ad hoc committee (V. I. Lenin, D. I. Kursky, A. M. Lezhava, V. P. Milyutin and S. P. Sereda) to rework and edit the draft decree within a week. On November 23, the C.P.C. adopted a decree on concessions and approved the committee’s proposal to publish a pamphlet on concessions. At the end of 1920, it appeared under the title 0 kontsessiyakh. Dekret Soveta. Narodnykh Komissarov ot 23 noyabrya 1920 g. Tekst dekreta. Obyekty kontsessii. Karty. (On Concessions. Decree of the Council of People’s Commissars of November 23, 1920. Text of the Decree. Concessions’ Objects. Maps.)

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