V. I.   Lenin


To:   N. I. BUKHARIN[1]

Written: Written between September and December 1920
Published: First published in 1930 in Lenin Miscellany XII. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1975, Moscow, Volume 44, page 439d.
Translated: Clemens Dutt
Transcription\Markup: R. Cymbala
Public Domain: Lenin Internet Archive.   You may freely copy, distribute, display and perform this work, as well as make derivative and commercial works. Please credit “Marxists Internet Archive” as your source.

Bogdanov has fooled you by disguising (verkleidet) an old dispute and trying to shift it onto a different plane. And you are taken in by it!


[1] Written in reply to a note from Bukharin concerning V. I. Nevsky’s article “Dialectical Materialism and the Philosophy of Dead Reaction” (see present edition, Vol. 14, p. 21). In his note, Bukharin pointed out that whereas previously Bogdanov had recognised philosophy, he now abolished it and replaced it by “ tektology” or “universally organised science” (as Bogdanov called his book published in 1913). “This formulation of the problem is on a different plane from that of empirio-monism,” wrote Bukharin. “It can be disputed but it is necessary at least to understand it. Nevsky, however, does not have this minimum requirement.”

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