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Published: First published in 1965 in Collected Works, Fifth Ed., Vol. 51. Printed from the typewritten copy.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1975, Moscow, Volume 44, page 440a.
Translated: Clemens Dutt
Transcription\Markup: R. Cymbala
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1/X. 1920

Comrade Trotsky,

I enclose herewith information from Comrade Sklyansky.[1]

It appears that the offensive against the Crimea has been put off until 27/X!!!

Is there a decision of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic on this???

The Commander-in-Chief boasted to me that by October  10 (or 8) he would have everything ready for the offensive. Does this mean he lied?

When was it decided to send Budyonny there? Why, even without him forces three times as large were promised.

Finally, if the old plan is to be changed at all, is it not enough to give 1 division?

It turns out that all the calculations of the Commander-in-Chief are not worth a damn and are changed weekly like those of an ignoramus! Extremely dangerous vacillations!



[1] On the document is written in an unknown handwriting: “Note: Comrade Sklyansky’s information has not been found.”

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