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Written: Written on July 20, 1921
Published: First published in 1932 in Lenin Miscellany XX. Printed from a typewritten text signed by Lenin.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1976, Moscow, Volume 45, page 217a.
Translated: Yuri Sdobnikov
Transcription\Markup: R. Cymbala
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Glavugol, S.E.C.

Please let me know without delay how far the things have gone with the purchase abroad of coal-cutting machines for the Donets Basin.

Comrade Smolyaninov has informed me that he has established from his telephone conversations with Comrade Grigoryev that there are some doubts at Glavugol about the proven advisability of making extensive use of coal-cutting machines in the extraction of coal, or at any rate, that the production effect expected by Comrade Pyatakov from the use of coal-cutting machines is exaggerated.

Please let me have absolutely precise and definite information about Glavugol’s opinion on the advisability of coal-cutting machines in the extraction of coal in the Donets Basin, and on the effect their use in production can have on boosting output.

Also let me know where, and where best, coal-cutting machines can be bought—in Germany or in Britain, and how soon this can be done.

V. Ulyanov (Lenin)
Chairman, Council of People’s Commissars


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