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Written: Written in the first half of December 1922
Published: First published on September 27, 1925 in Pravda No. 221. Printed from the original.
Source: Lenin Collected Works, Progress Publishers, 1971, Moscow, Volume 36, pages 588-589.
Translated: Andrew Rothstein
Transcription\Markup: R. Cymbala
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1. Fifth anniversary (Vladivostok).

2. Civil war united working class and peasantry, and this is a guarantee of invincible strength.

3. Civil war trained and tempered (Denikin and others were good teachers; taught seriously; all our best Party workers were in the army).

bis: ...bis: Diplomacy (N.B.). Apparatus is
easier to build. ]

4. We have overcome last year’s famine too.

5. Now concentrate on economics: how (N.B.) to approach socialism?

6. Not otherwise than through NEP.

7. A year’s testing?

8. Finances. A small step forward.

9. Kritsman, 1920—16%, 21—50%, 22—60%.[2]

10. Growth of trade, both internal

11.— —and external.

12. —Mixed companies: learning.

13. Industry: light industry has improved

14.— — — heavy difficult, but not hopeless: there is a small step forward.

15. Central Council of Co-operative Societies: its special significance.

16. The state apparatus in general: bad beyond description; lower than the bourgeois level of culture.

(“frightened” in November 1917); it is a question of culture in general, and it will take years to raise it.

17. Hundreds of thousands of employees in the state
apparatus. Increase. N.B. 18. Census of 1922 (Oct.–Nov.).

19. Its results.

20. Article by Kin.[3]

21. Not alterations, but redistribution and reduction.

22. A job for many years: (we are alone, it is we who are carrying, and we should be the ones who are being carried).

23. More rapidly (1917–22)
more slowly (1922–27?) (“watchword”).

24. Patronage of town Party cells over village cells and vice versa.

Often: this apparatus does not belong to us, we belong to it!

Supply of raw materials and other things for the next year! N.B. (danger).


[1] Lenin wrote the outline of his proposed speech at the Tenth All-Russia Congress of Soviets in the first half of December 1922. On the matter of the speech Lenin wrote to J. V. Stalin for members of the Central Committee on December 15 (see present edition, Vol. 33, p. 460). But because of his poor health, Lenin was unable to speak at the Congress.

[2] The data given by Lenin are a reflection of the lag of prices behind the money circulation between June and November 1920 (by 16 per cent), 1921 (50 per cent) and 1922 (60 per cent). This was evidence of the stabilisation of the ruble and apparently served to confirm Point 8 of the outline “Finance. Small Step Forward ”.

Lenin must have taken the data from L. N. Kritsman’s introduction to a collection entitled, Along New Paths. The Results of the New Economic Policy for 1921 and 1922 (Issue II, Finance. Works Edited by a Commission of the Council of Labour and Defence, Moscow, C.L.D. Publication, 1923). On December 10, 1922, during his preparations for the speech, Lenin asked for the proofs of the collection.

[3] A possible reference to the article by F. Kin, “Specialists (A Statistical Survey)”, published in Pravda No. 197 on September 3, 1922. On the strength of a poll of 230 engineers working in Soviet administrative bodies and trusts the author drew the conclusion that there were two kinds of specialists: those hostile to the Soviet power, and others who were steadily being drawn into co-operation with it. The author maintained that one of the tasks of the Soviet power was to promote this differentiation of bourgeois specialists in every way.

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