Lenin Collected Works: Volume 11: Preface by Progress Publishers

Lenin Collected Works:
Volume 11

Preface by Progress Publishers

Volume 11 contains works written by V. I. Lenin in the period from June 1906 to January 1907. The majority of them are devoted to questions connected with the activities of the Social-Democratic Group in the First State Duma, the dissolution of the Duma and the beginning of the election campaign for the Second Duma.

The articles “Lessons of the Moscow Uprising”, “Hands Off!" and “Guerrilla Warfare” are devoted to problems of the organisation and tactics of an armed uprising.

In the articles “The Declaration of Our Group in the Duma”, “Who Is for Alliances with the Cadets?", “Yes-Men of the Cadets”, “The Political Crisis and the Bankruptcy of Opportunist Tactics”, “The Dissolution of the Duma and the Tasks of the Proletariat”, Lenin exposes the Menshevik tactics of support for a Cadet Duma and of the slogan of a Duma Cabinet composed of Cadets, gives a political appraisal of the dissolution of the First Duma and formulates the tasks of the Party in this period.

The writings “The Social-Democrats and Electoral Agreements”, “A Dissenting Opinion”, recorded a the November All-Russian Conference of the R.S.D.L.P., “Draf Election Address”, “Blocs with the Cadets”, “The Social-Democrats and the Duma Elections”, "'When You Hear the Judgement of a Fool'.... (From the Notes of a Social-Democratic Publicist)", are devoted to questions concerning the election campaign for the Second Duma.

The articles “An Attempt at a Classification of the Political Parties of Russia”, “Socialist-Revolutionary Mensheviks” and “Philistinism in Revolutionary Circles” are devoted to a class analysis of the Russian political parties.

This edition of Lenin's Collected Works includes for the first time the leaflet “Whom to Elect to the State Duma”, the note on the “Union of the Bund with the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party” and the article “The Working-Class Party's Tasks and the Peasantry”, which expounds the Bolsheviks' main slogan in the election campaign, for complete independence of the class policy of the proletariat and the impermissibility of blocs with the Cadets.

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