V. I. Lenin

The Life and Work of V.I. Lenin


Volume 1
April 10
(22 new style)
Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin), born in Simbirsk (now Ulyanovak).


August 16 (28) Lenin is accepted into Simbirsk classical Gymnasium.


January 12 (24) Ilya Nikolayevich Ulyanov, Lenin's father, dies.


March 1 (13) Lenin's elder brother, Alexander Ilyich Ulyanov, is arrested for participating in an attempt on the life of Alexander III.
May 8 (20) Alexander Ulyanov and other participants in the attempt are executed.
June 10 (22) Lenin graduates Simbirsk Gymnasium, winning a Gold Medal.
End of June The Ulyanov family moves to Kazan.
August 13 (25) Lenin enters Kazan University.
September- November Lenin participates in a revolutionary students' circle in Kazan.
December 4 (16) Lenin participates in a students' rally in Kazan University.
December 6 (17) Lenin is arrested for participation in the students' revolutionary movement.
December 7 (19) Lenin is expelled from the university and exiled from Kazan to the village of Kokushkino, under the secret surveillance of the police.


September 23 (October 5) Lenin's application for permission to go abroad Ựto continue my educationự is rejected by Police Department.
Beginning of October Lenin receives permission to return from Kokushkino village to Kazan, where the Ulyanov family settle.
Autumn Lenin studies K. Marx's Capital, and joins a Marxist circle organised by N. Y. Fedoseyev.


May 3-4 (15-16) Lenin moves from Kazan to a hamlet near the village of Alakayevka, Samara Gubernia.
June 14 (26) Lenin is informed of the rejection of his application to go abroad “for treatment."
July 13 (25) N. Y. Fedoseyev and members of the Marxist circles he organised in Kazan are arrested. Among the arrested are members of the circle to which Lenin had belonged.
October 11 (23) Lenin moves from the hamlet near Alakayevka village to Samara.


End of 1889-1890 In Samara Lenin continues his study of Marx and Engels, translates The Manifesto of the Communist Party, which is subsequently read in illegal circles in Samara (no copy of the translation remains). Lenin becomes acquainted with A. P. Sklyarenko and engages in Marxist propaganda among the youth of Samara.
May 17 (29) Lenin receives permission to sit for the final examinations at the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg University as an external student.
End of August (beginning of September) Lenin's first visit to St. Petersburg in connection with the examinations at St. Petersburg University.
August 26-September 1 (Sept. 7-13) On his way to St. Petersburg Lenin stops in Kazan.
October 24 (November 5) Lenin leaves St. Petersburg to return to Samara.