V. I. Lenin

The Life and Work of V.I. Lenin


Spring-summer First circle of Samara Marxists (including A. P Sklyarenko and I. K. Lalayants) is formed. Lenin is central figure in the circle. He prepares and reads the paper (article) entitled New Economic Developments in Peasant Life (on V. Y. Postnikov's Book).
End of August (beginning of September) On his way from Samara to St. Petersburg Lenin stops at Nizhni-Novgorod and makes the acquaintance of local Marxists.
August 31 (September 12) Lenin arrives in St. Petersburg.
September 3 (15) Lenin is registered as Junior Barrister to M. F. Wolkenstein.
September 25 (October 7) Lenin travels to Vladimir for a meeting with N. Y. Fedoseyev which does not take place because Fedoseyev was still not released from prison.
Autumn In St. Petersburg Lenin joins a Marxist circle of Technological Institute students (S. I. Radchenko, V. V. Starkov, P. K. Zaporozhets. G. M. Krzhizhanovsky and others), and at a circle meeting criticises G. B. Krasin's paper “The Market Question." Lenin writes the paper “On the So-Called Market Question," which he reads to the Marxist circle.
Autumn and winter 1893-1894 Lenin establishes contact with progressive workers of St. Petersburg factories (V. A. Shelgunov, I. V. Babushkin and other). Lenin's speeches strongly impress participants in Marxist circles of St. Petersburg. His exceptionally profound knowledge of Marxist theory, his ability to apply Marxism constructively to Russia's economic and political situation, his fervent and unshakable belief in the victory of the workers' cause, his outstanding organisational talent—all this makes Lenin the recognised leader of the St. Petersburg Marxists.