V. I. Lenin

The Life and Work of V.I. Lenin


Beginning of January Lenin comes to Moscow for the winter holidays.
January 9 (21) At an illegal meeting in Moscow Lenin opposes the Narodnik V. V. (V. P. Vorontsov), subjecting his views to annihilating criticism.
January -- Lenin visits Nizhni-Novgorod and reads a paper at the local Marxist circle on V. V.'s book The Destiny of Capitalism in Russia.
-- Lenin returns to St. Petersburg, where he leads the St. Petersburg group of Social-Democrats and the central workers' circle, and conducts workers' classes outside the Nevskaya Toll gates and in other parts of the city.
March-June Lenin writes What the “Friends of the People” Are and How They Fight the Social-Democrats, the first part of which appeared that spring.
First half of the year In a Marxist circle in St. Petersburg, Lenin reads a paper in which he critically analyses the book by the Narodnik N. Karyshev Peasant Rentings of Non-Allotment Land
June 14 (26) Lenin leaves for Moscow to spend the summer with relatives. He also visits Samara.
July The second edition of part one of What the “Friends the People” Are appears in St. Petersburg.
August 27 (September 8) Lenin returns from Moscow to St. Petersburg.
End of August (first half of September) The first edition of part two and the third edition of part one of Lenin's What the “Friends of the People” Are appear (in Gorki, Vladimir Gubernia).
September The first edition of part three and the fourth edition of part one of Lenin's What the “Friends of the People” Are appear in St. Petersburg.
October Lenin reads What the “Friends of the People” Are to the members of a St. Petersburg Marxist circle.
Autumn At a meeting of a St. Petersburg Marxists' circle, Lenin reads his paper “The Reflection of Marxism in Bourgeois Literature," in which he severely criticises the bourgeois distortions of Marxism in Struve's book Critical Remarks on the Subject of Russia's Economic Development.
After December 24 (after January 5) Assisted by the worker I.V.Babushkin, Lenin drafts a leaflet to the workers of the Semyannikov factory dealing with the unrest there. This is the first leaflet issued by Russian Marxists.
End of 1894-beginning of 1895 Lenin writes The Economic Content of Narodism and the Criticism of It in Mr. Struve's Book.