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Karl Marx: Surveys from Exile.
Political Writings Volume 2

First published: by Penguin Books with New Left Review, 1973.


Introduction by David Fernbach 7
The Class Struggles in France: 1848 to 185035
I. The Defeat of June 184835
II. 13 June 184962
III. The Consequences of 13 June 184994
IV. The Abolition of Universal Suffrage in 1850128
The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte143
Articles on Britain250
Review of Guizot’s Book on the English Revolution250
Tories and Whigs October 8 1852256
The Chartists262
Corruption at Elections271
Letter to the Labour Parliament277
Parties and Cliques, February 8 1855279
The British Constitution, 6 March 1855281
The Character of the Whigs and Tories, 18 May 1855285
On the Reform Movement, 24 May 1855286
Agitation Against the Sunday Trading Bill, 15 July 1855288
Speech at the Anniversary of the People’s Paper299
Articles on India and China301
The British Rule in India301
The East India Company – Its History and Results307
Indian Affairs316
The Future Results of the British Rule in India319
Revolution in China and in Europe325
Articles on the North American Civil War 334
The North American Civil War334
The Civil War in the United States344
Proclamation on Poland by the German Workers Educational Association 354
Note on Previous Editions of the Works of Marx and Engels357
Chronology of Works by Marx and Engels358

Selection and Notes copyright © New Left Review 1973;
Introduction copyright © David Fernbach, 1973;
Translation of The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte © Ben Fowkes, 1973; translations of The Class Struggles in France, the German-language articles on Britain, Articles on North American Civil War and the Proclamation on Poland ... © Paul Jackson, 1973.

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