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Karl Marx: The Revolutions of 1848.
Political Writings Volume 1

First Published: by Penguin in association with New Left Review in 1973.


Introduction by David Fernbach9
Manifesto of the Communist Party62
Preface to the English Edition of 1888 [Engels]62
Manifesto of the Communist Party [Marx & Engels]67
Speeches on Poland (29 November 1847)99
Speech by Karl Marx99
Speech by Frederick Engels100
Speeches on Poland (22 February 1848)102
Speech by Karl Marx102
Speech by Frederick Engels105
The Demands of the Communist Party in Germany, [Marx & Engels] 109
Articles from the New Rheinische Zeitung112
The Demcratic Party112
Camphausen’s Declaration in the Sitting of 30 May 1848114
The Camphausen Ministry118
The Programmes of the Radical-Democratic Party and the Left in the Frankfurt Assembly119
The 15 June Sitting of the ‘Vereinbarungsversammlung124
The Prague Rising [Engels] 125
The Fall of the Camphausen Ministry128
The June Revolution129
The Prussian Press Bill134
The Bill for the Abolition of Feudal Burdens137
The Russian Note143
The Debate on Poland in the Frankfurt Assembly [Engels] 151
The Crisis and the Counter-Revolution I-IV 156
Revolution in Vienna164
The ‘Cologne Revolution’166
The Proclamation of the Democratic Congress to the German People170
The Victory of the Counter-Revolution in Vienna173
The Counter-Revolution in Berlin I-III 177
No More Taxes!!!184
The Frankfurt Assembly184
The Bourgeoisie and the Counter-Revolution I-IV 186
The Magyar Struggle [Engels] 213
Democratic Pan-Slavism I-II [Engels] 226
The Trial of the Rhineland District Committee. Speech by Karl Marx in his own Defence245
To the Workers of Cologne264
Reviews from the New Rheinische Zeitung Revue 265
Review: January-February 1850 [Marx & Engels] 265
Review: March-April 1850 [Marx & Engels] 281
Review: May-October 1830 [Marx & Engels] 284
Address of the Central Committee to the Communist League (March 1850) [Marx & Engels] 319
Address of the Central Committee to the Communist League (June 1850) Engels] 331
Minutes of the Central Committee Meeting of 15 September 1850 339
Note on Previous Editions of the Works of Marx and Engels 345
Chronology of Works by Marx and Engels 346
Index 351


Selection and Notes copyright © New Left Review 1973;
Introduction copyright © David Fernbach, 1973;
Manifesto of the Communist Party, first published in English in 1850; this translation first published 1888. Other translations copyright © 1973.

Articles from the Neue Rheinsiche Zeitung copyright © Ben Fowkes, 1973; Speeches on Poland (29 November 1847), Addresses of the Central Committee to the Communist League (March and June 1850) and Reviews from the Neue Rheinische Zeitung Revue copyright © Paul Jackson 1973; The Demands of the Communist Party in Germany and the Minutes of the Central Committee meeting of 15 September 1850 copyright © Joris de Bres, 1973; Speeches on Poland (22 February 1848) copyright © Rosemary Sheed, 1973.

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